Thursday, September 16, 2010

Podcast Summary

"The boogey man snatched the boob" sounds like a ridiculous phrase that means absolutely nothing, but it's actually harmful slang that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used when talking about the U.S.  Many people were appalled that someone of such high authority would say something like this but the president has an extreme hate toward the U.S and would most likely go to any point to show it. 
A massive piece of ice broke of a glacier in Greenland due to global warming.  It fell near the Inughuit’s hunting ground.
The Inughuit's language, Inuktun is also being discussed in the podcast.  It's very unique and it's being studied by people from Cambridge University and other places.
Another topic discussed in the podcast is how foreign language movies are looking for new ways to attract attention.  A good way they thought is if one person reviews it and someone else sees it the reviews could spread by word of mouth and the movie would open in other places and eventually the movie would end up on On Demand and such. 

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