Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Question: What do you think should have been done after Alexander's death?

Question: What do you think should have been done after Alexander's death?
After Alexander’s death people should’ve easily been able to recuperate and find a new leader.  First off, Alexander should’ve thought ahead and planned something in case he could’ve died.  Consider he lived a very dangerous lifestyle he should have really considered the idea of himself dying.  The problem with Alexander is he seemed to consider himself to be god-like and maybe thought he was immortal.  They should have taken Alexander’s most high appointed official, general, or assistant and made him king.  Possibly if they had a different law system people could’ve voted someone in to the king’s position.  They were in a tough position to be in, but it would have been very easy to find a logical solution if they weren’t all consumed with power also.  After seeing the respect and treatment Alexander had they wanted that power too.  They saw that he considered himself to be invincible and wanted to live that lifestyle also.  Because of this everyone wanted to be king so everyone fought over it.  If they would’ve just come to a logical and good decision everything would’ve gone a whole lot smoother.   

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  1. I think it is a really good point that Alexander's generals themselves were also consumed by a lust for power.