Friday, May 20, 2011

History of Sarah

Sarah was nervous on her first day of school.  She came in to school not knowing many people.  For the first part of the year she kind of kept to herself, but eventually she made a lot of friends.  She now has a few very close friends and was finally able to branch out.  Sarah even went to a party which was a lot of fun.  Her grades were very good, but school got harder and they’ve dropped a little.  January was a very hard month for her, but now things are back on track.   She’s made quite a few mistakes over the year and also learned some important lessons.  Sarah is now ready to face sophomore year.  
In the beginning of the year she had a small group of friends who she didn't quite fit in with.  When she branched out to befriend new people they were upset about this and don't really like her anymore.  The new friends she had met eventually had shown their true colors and she was all alone.  Sarah eventually finally made friends with people she truly fits in with and will be friends with them for a long time. 
She was dating this boy for a year who kept her held back form being with friends and leading a normal social life that any teenage should have.  They broke up sometime in January and ever since then her life has been really great.  she hasn't had much drama and she is having a great time with her friends.
Sarah has really matured quite a lot within this past year and had to deal with some difficult things.  Her new maturity will help her in the future.  She hopes to keep the friends she has now and not go through another event like earlier in the year.  Sarah is now prepared for the rest of high school and has an idea of what she is going to face. 

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