Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dear Journal,

           My plane landed in Latvia about a week ago and its alright.  Its definitely got a lot of really cool landmarks but there are somethings I don't like.  Life in Latvia is so much more different than my homeland.  They hardly use any electric appliances!  The food is really healthy, there is no fast food!  The country isn’t doing as good as the United States and when I was looking at the stats and I would make 68.75% less money and have a 78.49% of being unemployed!  So imagining working in Latvia and trying to support for your family, its probably really tough.  The student who I'm staying with comes from a good middle class family and seems to like in Latvia but she always gets so excited when I tell her about the U.S. and all the technology! But I guess since the health care is 84.95% less money on health care, which is good since people are more likely to have HIV/AIDS!  I’m really happy I don’t live here and I do not like my experience very much.  I only have a couple more days left and I can’t wait to get out!  Besides all of the stuff I don’t like the beaches are really nice and they have a lot of cool historical sites.  So maybe my next couple of days would not be too bad! Let us hope so!
                                                            Sarah Pattisall

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