Monday, January 24, 2011

Sustainable Agriculture

A regional food hub is a facility with a business management structure that aggregates, stores, processes, distributes, and markets local and regional food products.  These food hubs provide food from sources you can trust and they are a place for farmers to pick up and drop off for firms.  They provide active coordination and permanent facilities such as for food to be stored. 
You can find these food markets near John Carroll at:

District Court House Parking Lot
Intersection of Thomas & Bond Streets
Mary E. Risteau State Office Building
2 South Bond Street
Bel Air, Maryland


Kelly Fields Parking Lot
Corner of Route 24 and Boulton Street
Bel Air, Maryland

JC cafeteria,
            I would like to propose the idea of a “JC Sustainable Food Day” to you where we bring in organic foods to serve at lunch.  This is an excellent idea because through bringing in organic foods we can educate the school community about the issue of sustainable agriculture.  We can educate them by giving them information on the topic.  We can also show everyone the differences between healthy organic foods and junk foods.  If we can persuade more students to eat organically not only are they helping themselves health wise, but they are helping the environment.
                        Sarah Pattisall

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