Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Agriculture Revolution 1 & 3

Before the agriculture revolution, or neolithic revolution, people prodomitaly led a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.  Over long periods of time known as the agriculture revolution, people began to live a sedentary farming lifestyle.  This new lifestyle balanced their diet, prevented diseases, allowed a surplus, and resulted in a population growth.,  Before the revolution their had to be about 3 or 4 years before a child's birth so the community would have enough food to get by.  When the people started living a sedentary farming lifestyle they had more food; as a result, they were able to have more children.  The population growth resulted with the development of cities because there was too many people to live in just one community.

If the agriculture system were to collapse in the future our diet would become be mostly meat.  We wouldn't have a surplus of food and the population would decrease greatly.  The decrease of population would be a result of disease an illness due to an unbalanced diet.  The decrease would also be because we wouldn't have enough food for everyone to survive.
The effects would be devastating and we would have to cope with new forms of survival.  Many cities and countries would probably come together because the wouldn't have enough food or population to be their own country, city, state, etc.  Life would change drastically for the worse.  It would be incredibly difficult to survive.

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