Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roman Empire/United States

 The Roman Empire was in existence thousands of years ago, but this does not mean evidence of it isn’t in existence today.  Some would even argue to say that the Roman Empire is very much evident in today’s legal system.  The United States is a modern day Roman Empire; because of, the legal system, the economy, and the military.

A very obvious similarity between the Roman Empire and the 21st century of the United States is the military, “Rome was the Superpower of its time, and the United States is the Superpower now.” (Roman Empire vs. United States Similarities)  The Roman military was incredibly strong and the best military of it is time.  Some would argue to say that the United States has one of the best militaries too.  The Romans were the richest country, giving them the biggest military budget, and had the best military equipment known to man at the time.  The United States is one of the richest countries and has some of the most advanced technology in the world.  In on recent instance the Federal Government was able to freely give 1.5 million dollars to fix a bridge.  Although they are in debt, they are still able to use large amounts of money.

In the Roman times there were problems with their economy at points.  Despite being one of the wealthiest countries, they had their problems.  A big example of this problem was the fall of the Roman Empire, “For those looking for a single cause, the best single explanation would be poor leadership rather than military failure.” (Fall of Rome - Reasons for the Fall of Rome Include the Economy and Hoarding)  In the 21st century a major problem is our economy.  Because of poor leadership over the last years the United States has fallen into debt and there are many problems with jobs.  Obama, the president of the United States, is even concerned with the rate of job growth.

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