Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love in War

Love in War
Demetrius- A young man going off to fight in the war.
Hermia- His longtime girlfriend and fiancé.
Setting:  A market place outside of Hermia’s house late at night.
Scene I
Demetrius:  Hermia you know I don’t want to do this…
Hermia: Then why are you doing this?
Demetrius: I have no other choice.
Hermia:  You do have a choice, you have me!
Demetrius:  I can’t stay, I must go and fight for us! 
Hermia:  You’re leaving me Demetrius, your leaving this relationship…
Demetrius:  Hermia, you know I love you.
Demetrius grabs Hermia’s hand.  Hermia pulls away hand. 
Hermia: You don’t act like.
Demetrius:  I will return before you know it.
Hermia:  Don’t bother coming home.
Demetrius:  Hermia what are you talking about?
Hermia:  I said don’t bother coming home, you know I’m against the war and so is my family, we will not accept you here.
Demetrius:  You don’t mean that…
Demetrius tries to go after Hermia as she begins to walk away. 
Hermia:  Don’t touch me Demetrius!  Don’t lay a hand on me ever again!  I don’t want to see you anymore!  Just leave, don’t come back!
Demetrius:  But-
Hermia:  Demetrius!  I don’t love you anymore; get that through your head!  Just leave Demetrius! 
Demetrius exits.  Hermia falls to the ground and begins to cry.
Hermia:  Demetrius… Demetrius… don’t go….
Scene end.
5 Years Later
Helena- Hermia’s mother.
Hermia:  Mother he’s still all I think about, why is that?
Helena: Because dear you love him.
Hermia:  It has been years and years since I’ve cried over him.  When will his memories leave my mind, for all I know he could be dead.
Helena:  The Spartans are very fierce dear, but Demetrius is a strong young man, he’s alive, I’m sure of this.
Hermia:  Do you resent him, for leaving for the war?
Helena:  No dear I don’t.  I will admit I hated him at first-
Hermia: So did I, I still do.
Helena:  Get that thought out of your mind, you love him, you always have and always will.  But no, I don’t resent him in the least.
Hermia:  But mother!  Look around, do you see what’s becoming of us?  Athens, we were so strong and powerful and now look at us!  Sparta is taking control; it won’t be long until they have all of the power.
Helena:  True, but it is not as if Demetrius is in the war to give Sparta power, he’s fighting against them!  He’s trying to help us, trying to defeat Sparta!  If he wasn’t in the war he wouldn’t be helping at all, in fact there might even be even more of a less of a chance for us to win this war.
Hermia:  By fighting in the war he is supporting it, don’t you see!
Helena:  Well what are we supposed to do, not support the war?  If we don’t support it and fight for ourselves then Sparta will easily take over us!
Hermia: Aren’t they already easily taking over us!
Helena: We are still fighting though; our soldiers will not give up.
Hermia: We don’t stand a chance.
Helena: That’s not the way to think…
Hermia storms off into her room.
More years pass and the war has ended and Sparta has taken over.  Hermia has almost forgotten about Demetrius.
Hermia is in the kitchen cooking breakfast for her mother.  There’s a knock on the door.
Helena:  I’ll get the door.
Helena goes to answer the door and Hermia can hear a man’s voice speaking.
Helena: Hermia, there is a man here for you.
Hermia is confused and isn’t sure who it could be.  She walks to the door and sees a familiar face.
Demetrius:  I know you told me to never come back, but Hermia I’m still in love with you, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by where I haven’t thought about you or what you said to me…
Hermia: Demetrius, I never stopped loving you!  I just didn’t realize that you were fighting so we would have a chance against Sparta!  I’m so sorry my love!
And they live happily ever after.

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  1. In the description of the assignment, it asked specifically for the script to be based on the historical / primary source evidence as well as our in class discussions. You only really mention in passing here anything specifically having to do with Ancient Greece.