Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Questions: "Structures, both social and physical are continually improving." Agree or disagree

Questions: "Structures, both social and physical are continually improving."  Agree or disagree.
          Today we live in a living space that has: electricity, heating, air conditioning, alarm systems, etc. and many years ago they had none of that.  We have made many advances in physical structures but for some reason how the pyramids in Egypt were formed and other structures and megaliths are still a mystery to us.  When it comes to physical structure we have progressed because we have a good system politically wise and we are able to vote for our leaders instead of being born in to royalty.  As you can see have progressed but it seems as if at the moment there are issues causing us to back track in this progression.  The economy is a major issue affecting our world.  There are many other issues that weren’t around a long time ago but those issues are a result of the progression we have made.  Eventually we will learn how to overcome these issues and move past them to advance more but that will just cause more issues to come up.  All of this is just a major part of progression and advancing in our world so eventually we will probably keep improving but at the moment it seems as if we are backtracking.  

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  1. I agree with this blog post. The economy is definitely has a major impact on the world.