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Question: Is 'Change' a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? (Relate to the origins of art, the agricultural revolution, architecture and urban planning in Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley.

Question: Is 'Change' a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? (Relate to the origins of art, the agricultural revolution, architecture and urban planning in Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley.
If you think back to the art found in the caves of France and compare it to an art piece you see in a modern day art museum you realize they are quite alike, they have a specific meaning.  Art from the ancient times mainly related to buffalo, horses, and other animals, all an excellent source of food.  These pictures could have been a way to worship these animals for providing them food.  They also had access to crops for food but in order to farm they needed water.  So an irrigation system was developed to get water from one place to another, this was first developed in Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley.  All of this change that occurred was because of problems these people encountered that needed a solution.  When you are fixing a situation for the better than that’s a great change!  Because of these changes our world is very modern and advance, but with that comes some issues.
In some ways change is a great thing, but in some ways it is not too good!  All of this modern day technology brings along factories, housing, new developments, and a lot of pollution.  There are few places you can go where there is a wide open space with not a factory in sight.  Because of this modern day economy we are destroying the world we live in.  We are peeling away the ozone layer with our toxic fumes and CFCs produced form these very factories that are helping us to shape the way we live.  With our advances in technology we are losing the original world God gave us.  With this new technology, we are also benefitting our world.  We are developing new technology such as solar power cars and solar panels that are helping us to progress with our technological advances and learning to not pollute so much.  Even though we are getting better with taking care of our world, it was so much better years ago.  I think that the pollution we are spreading in the world is the one major downfall of our advances.  If we can find a way to help the earth in a great way while making even more advances then that would be amazing; however, we have come a great way since the ancient times.
I personally believe that change from the ancient world is great, but nowadays we tend to go overboard!  We no longer rely on necessities but we rely on things we want.  Because of us obsessing over things we want rather than the basics we need we continues to make more and more of things we really don’t need at all.  The production of these things is really destroying our earth!  But there are advancements with technology that we need and that benefit us!  We are able to better understand our earth because of these advancements, but there is still so much mysteries about our earth we have to discover.  These mysteries require even more advanced technology than what we are used to but hopefully people won’t abuse these advancements for things they don’t need.  As you can see change has the potential to be a good or bad thing depending the situation and the protocols people take during the change.  

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  1. This is far too generalized and has far too little to do with the Agricultural Revolution and its effects on the changing environment of Neolithic Society.