Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mada's Megalith

 In Ancient times, people different Megaliths were very important to each culture. Our Megalith of our starting nation, Mada, has been discovered in front of the John Carroll School. It could have been thought of as a way of marking the ground. This is the ground where we started our own, and it means a lot because it is kind of our town’s landmark. It signifies how important our town is and its history.  It is our town’s special monument; it represents our town, and shows how strong our town is. It represents that our town has been founded and that it is very important to us.  We helped to set the structure for early irrigation, art, language, and religion on this very ground.  It is sacred, and not everyone in the town gets to see it. But, it is near the road so people who pass it get to see it. Every year on our independence day, people celebrate on the land around the monument. 

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