Thursday, February 3, 2011

Question: Describe the importance of water in the ancient world. (from Twitter)

Question: Describe the importance of water in the ancient world. (from Twitter)
Water was a big deal in the ancient world.  For people living back then water meant life.  They didn’t have much advanced technology so the little water they could get meant everything to them.  Another way water was very important is that they needed to hunt animals in order to survive and the only way animals survived was from drinking water.  Water was also very important for food because of crops.  The only way crops survive is because of a lot of water.  Eventually people developed an irrigation system which is a process of moving water from one place to another for farming and other purposes.  Water was very essential to life and some people even worshiped water, such as rain.  Water is still very important today, but we just have better technology to get water then people did in the ancient world.  We have taken a lot of their ideas such as irrigation and still use it today it is just much more advanced.  Because of their water sources they survived and they were able to plant crops and hunt for animals.  Water was also a source of hygiene so they could bathe.  People in the ancient world weren’t exactly the cleanest but thanks to water they had a place to bathe.  As you can see water was very important in the ancient world and provided a lot of benefits for them and it still is providing a lot for us today. 

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  1. We didn't go over this topic in class but i think this blog explains the importance of water in the ancient times.