Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will a "hypertext" world make us more accepting of cyclic history?

Will a "hypertext" world make us more accepting of cyclic history? 
Internet is an amazing invention that allows us to research, search, communicate, and just about everything.  Through internet we are changing the way we live because research is becoming easier, everyday tasks are becoming easier, and so much more is changing because of internet.  A fancy feature that comes along with internet is hypertext.  Hypertext is the ability to easily switch sites or topics with the click of a mouse.  Hypertext is usually identified by a blue underline; whenever you see this you can be certain that more information is available to you with the click of your mouse!  Hypertexts make us more accepting of cyclic history.  According to Google definitions cyclic history is, “a theory which dictates that the major forces that motivate human actions return in a cycle.  When you think about it the force that is compelling you to click the hypertext is the want for more knowledge on the specific topic you are researching.  As you click to the next page you research more and see another hypertext that seems interesting so you click on it.  It all ends up in one big cycle!  Just like cyclic history.  A lot of things influence cyclic history, hypertext being a major thing.  Since just about everyone uses this cycle of hypertexts everyday then they are accepting cyclic history.  As you can see hypertexts help us to accept cyclic history.  

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  1. This is good but by reading this I couldn't tell the meaning of a hypertext world.